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The Father Loves His Children to Discover New Things - by The Very Rev. Dr. Herbert G. Hand

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

As a human father, I always loved helping my children discover new things, much of it had to do with God’s amazing creation: a rare bird, an amazing waterfall, distant stars, a lightning storm, the creatures of the sea… I think I was as excited as my kids were for their discoveries! Maybe more.

Our Heavenly Father also loves for His children to discover new things. I imagine God with a big smile and a hearty laugh every time we discover something new from His creation. He has left hints everywhere to help us discover the secrets of His creation design. No one invented electricity or aerodynamics. They were discovered as part of the design of God’s creation. In Psalm 19:1-2 King David said, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.” We discover knowledge as we meditate on God’s creation.

Electricity was discovered when people meditated on lightning. From the discovery of electricity came electric lights, telephones, Air Conditioning (one of my favorites this time of year!), refrigeration, modern manufacturing, computers, and much more. And God was happy for His children.

Aerodynamics was discovered when people meditated on the shape of a bird’s wing. From the discovery of aerodynamics came flight, rapid transportation, FedEx, and much more. And God was happy for His children.

I imagine the discovery of how to make electricity with photovoltaic cells came from meditating on plant photosynthesis. The International Space Station would not be possible without photovoltaic cells. One day photovoltaic cells may become a truly cost effective clean way to produce electricity. And God was happy for His children.

The discovery of nuclear fusion likely came from meditating on the ongoing fusion within the Sun. If our nuclear physicist are able to develop nuclear fusion (not fission) we will have an unlimited supply of safe cheap energy. As part of an international project, they are beginning to assemble the largest and hopefully most successful, nuclear fusion reactor. It should be complete by 2025. I might even get a Mr. Fusion for my car!

Many many other things have been discovered by meditating on God’s creation: rubber trees, oil bub-bling up from the ground, the shape of the moon, the movement of the planets, the impossible flight of the Humming Bird, the list goes on and on. And God was happy for His children.

Meditate on the Book of the Law (Joshua 1:8) – yes! But also meditate on the Book of Creation. You may not discover an application for a new technology, but as you meditate on creation as God’s creation, it will draw you closer to your Creator and Lord.”

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