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8th Street Mission of Jesus Christ

Each month we provide a meal, fellowship, and Bibles to the 8th Street Mission of Jesus Christ in West Memphis, a ministry to the homeless and those recovering from addiction. We prepare, deliver, and serve full meals. At times we share God’s Word.



Monthly Prayer Meeting

Members of Faith meet the Second Tuesday of every month for intense prayer for those in need and those who make requests both spoken and unspoken. Join us for a Spirit led meeting, uplifting, weight lifting and time of fellowship with other Believers. For those unable to attend in person, ZOOM is available. Please check the bulletin for information. You can check the bulletin on our Home Page by clicking on Adult Bulletin. You can scroll down to the announcement section.

Life Choices

Participate by praying at Planned Parenthood location during the two "40 Days for Life" campaign in the Spring and Fall. Sign-up at their website ( or call Deborah Glover or Annette Kersting to go with one of them. Help organize fund raising for Life Choices. Keep the congregation informed and active in the ProLife matters.


Monthly Food Offering/Food Pantry

The members of the church provide a monthly food offering for the needy which is kept in the Faith Food Pantry. When those in need come ask for assistance the food is given.

Our Food Pantry is available for those in need. If you need food assistance please contact the Church, Monday through Thursday between 9 and 3.

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