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Welcome to our monthly newsletter, The Vine. Here you will find the latest issue, along with past issues.

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Pouring Sand

Called to Serve Full-Time in North Africa: Q&As with Fr. Herb & Mary
May 2023


Power Love and Self Control
March 2023

Hands Holding Wooden Plate

A Famine of Hearing the Words of the Lord
January 2023


Becoming Openhanded
November 2022

Camel Tour

Mission Trip Renewal
September 2022


Your "I'm an Anglican" Elevator Speach
July 2022

Senior Couple

“Older Men” and “Older Women”
May 2022

A Deeper Relationship with God Through the Spiritual Disciplines
March 2022

Sponge and Bucket

Coming In and Going Out
January 2022

Swarm of Bees

Stewards of God
November 2021

Museum Exhibition

God’s Creation in an Enuma Elish World
September 2021

Chained Door

July 2021

Virgin Mary and Jesus Statue


May 2021

Stained Glass

Thy Kingdom Come!

February 2021

Kids in Church

The Missional Commandments: I Never Knew!

December 2020


That Homeless Guy...

Who Lives Behind My House

October 2020

Covid 19

Love One Another Regardless of Their Coronavirus Opinion

August 2020

Some Will Cheer and Some Will Weep

June 2020

A Christian Response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus

April 2020

The Power of a Mother's Influence

February 2020

The Final Frontier

December 2019

Promised Prosecution

October 2019

Anglican Worship

August 2019

The Ultimate Goal of Mission

June 2019

A Table in the Presence of My Enemies

April 2019

Prayer for Mission

February 2019

Margin in the Maelstrom

December 2018

The Paradoxical Progression of Christian Maturity - October 2018

Come Before the Lord with Boldness & Respect - August 2018

Curiosity Killed the Christian

June 2018

The Created Rises up Against the Creator - April 2018


February 2018

Pouring Sand

Serve or Be Served
April 2023

Church Altar

Misreading Holy Scripture
February 2023

TV Remote

December 2022

Concrete Texture

Physical Worship
October 2022

All Hands In

God Made Us for Christian Fellowship
August 2022

Silhouette of Cross Against Sky

Indwelt by the Holy Spirit
June 2022

Giving Holy Communion

The Holy Eucharist a Means of Grace
April 2022

Metal Tubes

Fulfilling Jesus' Great Commission
February 2022

Stand trial

Decisions Decisions
December 2021

Madonna and Child Saints

Worship with Abandon!
October 2021


Digging for Hidden Gems
August 2021

Star Cluster

The Book of Creation & Book of Scripture
June 2021

Woman with Bible


April 2021

Puppy Close Up

In 2021 We Need Encouragers!

January 2021

Mother and Daughter Love

Blessed to be a Blessing

November 2020

Father and Son

The Father Loves His Children to

Discover New Things

September 2020

Father and Daughter

Your Identity as God’s Beloved Child

July 2020

“We Don’t Know What to Do, But . . .”

May 2020

Gospel Opportunities

March 2020

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

January 2020

Giving Up!

November 2019

The Big Tent of Anglicanism

September 2019

Preventing or Reversing Burnout

July 2019

A Christian Code of Ethics for Using Social Media

May 2019

The 40 Day Lenten Challenge

March 2019

Keeping the Main Thing

 January 2019

I'm All In!

November 2018

The Hands of Worship

September 2018

Call the Priest

July 2018


The Power  of the Book of Proverbs

May 2018

Problem of Pain & How to Respond March 2018

Do You Have the Time?

January 2018

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