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Maintaining Building
& Grounds

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Back Forty Crew

The Back Forty Crew does weekly routine maintenance of the grounds and building exterior. We maintain the flowerbeds, including planting, weeding, and landscape details. We maintain the property perimeter such as along Walnut Grove, and this includes mowing and trimming the areas southeast and west of the parking lot. We also do miscellaneous repairs and installation of special projects on the property.


Parish Work Days

Three times per year we encourage all members of the congregation to participate in our Parish Work Days. We assist the Back Forty Crew by trimming selected trees and bushes, weeding the gardens where needed, and picking up debris along Walnut Grove Rd. We do a periodic tasks such as cleaning bugs out of the ceiling light fixtures, cleaning the grooves in the concrete floors, and cleaning the coils of the freezer and fridge. We also do annual tasks such as upholstery cleaning and sanitizing nursery toys.


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